Christmas Lingerie

Christmas Lingerie is a classic for holiday gift giving and the quintessential getup is the Mrs Claus Babydoll. Babydolls are always super sexy and when combined with the festiveness of Mrs Claus, who cares if Santa stops by your house at all? Maybe you’ll feel like more of a Miss Claus than Mrs, but either way the red and white lingerie is fun and exotic.

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Christmas is time to spend quality time with your loved ones. Quality time isn’t just you and the kids either. How about some snuggling in the comfort of your own bedroom with the sexy lover of your dreams (hopefully the one you’re with ). Save your sexy gift for the privacy of your boudoir and open it together. Maybe it would be a fun idea to be Mr and Mrs Claus for a night. Take advantage of the cold weather and make use of your time together. SEXY use of your time together. Christmas Lingerie is the playful costume of the night, bring the holidays to a whole new level. Make a yearly experience for you and your lover to look forward to! Every holiday season dress up in your exotic best to show the one you care about the most just who sexy you can be!