What is Asian Lingerie-Everything you need to know

Asian lingerie is a kind of erotic lingerie derived from East Asia. The Asian lingerie we often say mainly refers to Japanese sexy lingerie. Because of the developed porn industry in Japan, Japanese pornographic culture has spread all over the world. As a result, Japanese sexy lingerie is popular and well-known nowadays. As China is the manufacturing center of global erotic lingerie, Chinese sexy lingerie has gradually emerged. You can find some Chinese Erotic lingerie easily online, such as cheongsam lingerie, Hanfu erotic lingerie and so on.

Kimono Lingerie

The Kimono lingerie is evolved from Japanese traditional kimono. The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment and the national dress of Japan. The kimono is a T-shaped, wrapped-front garment with square sleeves and a rectangular body.

Kimono has a fixed construction method, usually made of a long and narrow cloth called tanmono, but sometimes Western-style fabric bolts are also used. There are different types of kimonos for men, women, and children, depending on the occasion, season, age of the wearer, and (less common in modern times) the marital status of the wearer.

Nowadays, kimono is not usually worn as a daily wear, and is gradually becoming obsolete as the most common clothing owned and worn by the Japanese. Kimonos are now most commonly seen in summer festivals, and people often wear yukatas, which are the most informal kimono; however, more formal kimonos are also worn at funerals, weddings, graduation ceremonies, and other formal events.

Although kimono is considered a complicated piece of clothing, it becomes a very interesting thing to have sex in a kimono like the ancients. The Japanese AV industry has gradually evolved kimono into erotic underwear in the past few decades, and has become a representative of Japanese erotic lingerie.

Lolita Ligerie

Lolita lingerie is derived from Lolita fashion. Lolita fashion is a subculture from Japan, deeply influenced by the Victorian clothing and style of the Rococo period. A very unique attribute of Lolita Fashion is the cute aesthetic. This clothing subculture can be divided into three main sub-styles: “Gothic“, “Classic” and “Sweet“. Many other sub-styles, such as “sailor”, “country”, “princess”, “erotic”, “grotesque” etc. This style evolved into a subculture widely followed in Japan and other countries in the 1990s and 2000s, and may have weakened in Japan in the 2010s as fashion became more mainstream.

JK Uniform

All men like young girls. High school girls are representative of young girls. JK is the abbreviation of “Joshi Koukousei” in Japanese, which means Japanese female high school student. These Japanese female high school uniforms have become more and more popular in recent years.

The history of JK uniforms can be traced back to the Meiji era when Japan began to have more contact with Western countries. During this period, the navy uniform of military uniform appeared, and later influenced by the Catholic uniform style, the suit jacket with plaid skirt and high stockings was adopted.

In Japan, high schools require students to wear school uniforms, which is considered a way to foster a sense of unity. Wearing a uniform according to the standard means following the rules of your community. However, JK uniforms are also seen as a symbol of rebellion, as students will change their uniforms to show that they disagree with the school rules. 

For example, in the 1970s, Sukeban, meaning a girl who broke the law, stretched her skirts to the ankles to protest school regulations.Because Japanese people usually do not wear school uniforms outside of school, JK uniforms have become a unique symbol of female high school students and are widely used in many Japanese animations.

Maid Uniform

Maid uniform is very popular in Japan. You can see maid animation, maid cafe, maid restaurant, etc. Maid uniform is a uniform worn by female cleaning staff. Popular concepts for such uniforms usually include black dresses, white aprons, and some kind of headband or hat. They are usually related to maids who work in high society or aristocratic environments.

Culturally, this maid uniform has always been an object of worship. In the West, the “French Maid” uniform is a more sexy outfit, including shorter skirts, lower necklines, and high heels. In Japan, maid uniforms are a trend; waitresses in some cafes wear traditional maid uniforms. In the past decade, many anime, manga, and video games feature maids as protagonists.

Cheongsam lingerie is a unique Asian lingerie derived from China. Cheongsam is a tight-fitting dress that originated in Shanghai in the 1920s. It quickly became a fashion phenomenon, adopted by movie stars and female students. The history of this iconic garment reflects the rise of modern Chinese women in the 20th century.

Hanfu Lingerie

Hanfu lingerie usually has the characteristics of hanfu, such as apron, robe, etc. Hanfu is a general term for Chinese historical costume style. Traditionally, Hanfu is composed of a long robe or top worn on top and a skirt usually worn on the bottom. In addition to clothing, Hanfu also includes various forms of accessories, such as headwear, shoes, belts, and jewelry. Nowadays, Hanfu, as a traditional costume of the Han nationality, is more and more recognized by people, and it is becoming more and more popular among Chinese young people.

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Asian lingerie mainly refers to the erotic lingerie derived from Japanese and Chinese traditional clothing. Asian lingerie includes Kimono, Lolita, Jk uniform, Maid uniform, Cheongsam, Hanfu, etc. Due to the rapid development of e-commerce, you can easily buy Asian lingerie online.