About us

Aranmei is a leading online women’s lingerie retailer in North America and Europe.

Sexy lingerie online retailer

Our journey began in 2017

We offer a full range of products, including bras, harness, lingerie dress. At Aranmei we seek to provide constant “newness” through our continuous change in fashion and designs, and functionality based on shape. Our mission is to make people’s life more colorful.

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The place to discover the best sexy lingerie.

Sweet to Ultra-Sexy

We believe that wearing erotic lingerie is an act of love and self-love. Allowing yourself to connect with your body and being aware of it, will take you to a wonderful place where real comfort and self-acceptance meet. Finding the sheer lingerie that fits like a glove and represents your identity, will definitely lift your spirits and let you and your partner have a good day.

Hot and spicy

Latest trend-led sexy lingerie

We offer hundreds of styles from G-strings to Bodysuits. Our designs are contemporary and come in a number of colors. Aranmei is one of the top brands to look at when it comes to sexy affordable lingerie. Sexy Lingerie doesn’t have to be expensive to be of good quality. Aranmei is an example of this. We’ve been in the business for years and have consistently put our sexy popular items that customers keep going back to. We offers sexy lingerie in sizes up to 4XL.